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360 Filmmaking Workshop with AΦE – A+E Lab, Chatham

Sunday 26 November, 2023
10:00 to 6:00 pm GMT
A+E Lab
Unit 1, Building 64, Main Gate Road, Historic Dockyard Chatham, ME4 4TZ, United Kingdom (map)

This hands-on workshop is designed for individuals eager to learn the art of crafting their own 360-degree films.

It aims to inspire them to embark on a creative journey, harnessing innovative technology and a creative mindset.

What is 360 filmmaking, and why should you join us?

360 filmmaking represents an innovative and immersive storytelling approach in the modern era. Whether experienced through a VR headset, on a mobile device, or via social media, a 360 video captures all angles simultaneously, placing you directly within the scene, allowing you to explore your surroundings just like a VR experience. What sets it apart from VR is the fixed point of view. Embracing 360 filmmaking is crucial for the future of the art and entertainment industry.

No prior experience is required! Held at A+E Lab in Chatham!

From creative thinking to shooting and delivering the film to your audience, we will go through each stage together step by step. Most importantly, we want this to be your film with your own creative input and unfold your unique storytelling strength.

Whether you are working in a commercial business, marketing company, education sector, creative industry, you name it, we will tailor our approach to you and hope to discover your world and explore your ideas during the workshop, as much as we will share ours.

The ticket also includes one free ticket to experience AΦE's world-touring 360 VR theatre artwork, WHIST. More info:

Workshop will consist of:
- Demo of AΦE’s production WHIST and 0AR, WHIST artist's talk (WHIST creation process) and Q&A
- Concept making
- Creating a storyboard, script, environment/set design and action
- Shooting
- Editing & Exporting
- Review your own 360 Film
- Open discussion

It will be led by AΦE’s Co-Artistic Director, Aoi. We will closely follow participants’ progression and tailor them to your needs and creation.

Making a group or individual is totally up to each participant. The workshop’s aim is to understand the process of 360 Filmmaking and test the ideas.

Please bring your laptop and download the following:
- Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop (Free for 7 days)
- Insta360 STUDIO

Please bring your phone and install the following:
- Insta360, Device control app

- For Adobe Premiere Pro, you can see what spec you will need for the computer:
- Do let us know if you do not have the laptop with the right spec.
- Please update and install the latest version of the operating system for your computer.
- Highest spec of laptop will be desirable for VR tools in editing but if this is not possible, we do edit with the basic editing tools.

Participants are welcome to bring own equipment of following:
- 360 Camera
- Monopod
- VR headset
- External Hard drive
- Any ideas, props, text, tools you wish to explore

Refreshments, teas and coffee are provided.

Age recommendation: 16+ (recommended), if you are under 16s and think this session is for you, please get in touch!

For any questions and group bookings send us an email at

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