Artist In Residence

Artist in residence
Open call

Supporting Creatives without pressure

We are committed to offer support to the artists and creatives for them to create, reserach and develop their own practice. We believe it is important for the artists to feel freedom to explore without having a pressure to finalise the work or presentation.

We offer:
• Free space
• Avaialble equipment support (Dance floor, sound system, basic lighting system, 360 camera, ROKOKO motion capture suits, Gear VR)
• Mentorship
• Network support
• Marketing support

In exchange we ask for artists to share their knowledge with local community. It could be a form of sharing, talk and/or creative workshops.

Get in touch for more information: A+E Lab

Artist in residence
Open call



Half a String (UK)
Plane Structure (UK)
Michael Jacaszek (PL)
Suitman Jungle (UK)
Newtoy (UK)
Mark Eaglen (UK)
Jane Balfus (USA)
Seth Scott (UK)
William Wong & Vanissa Law (HK)
C. Lavender (USA)
Aki Pasoulas (UK)
The Acoustic heritage Collective (ES, DE)
John Young and Simon Perril (UK)
Louise Rossiter (UK)
Nikki Sheth (UK)
Ryan Woods (UK)

Other projects