WFS Program

Artist in residence
Open call

26 Composers and a Wave Field Synthesis System

In September 2022, we installed a Wave Field Synthesis System (WFS) built by The Game of Life for our upcoming AΦE company’s new creation while exploring sound technology with the community.

Via an Open Call or by reaching out directly to them, we approached various composers from different genres, who would be interested to discover, learn and compose with this system.

Six main projects has taken place:

• AΦE new creation with composers Echo Collective (Neil , Meg, Fabien) and Casper Schipper (The Game of Life). Michal Jacakzeck to work with the new solo work of AΦE company's director- Estaban Lecoq.
• 7 composers for the Sonic Cartography conference event in partnership with major AHRC project A Sonic Palimpsest: Revisiting Chatham Historic Dockyards by University of Kent and University of Greenwich
9 composers through the A+E Lab Open call
• WFS Kids workshops delivered by The Game of Life (early 2023)
• 3 days Intensive WFS Workshops at A+E Lab, delivered by The Game of Life
• Online WFSCollider Workshop, delivered by The Game of Life
• 4 concerts and few private events in which 150 audiences discovered the work of those inspiring Artists!

Find out more details of the WFS programme: A+E LAB's Medium
Contact for questions: A+E Lab

Artist in residence
Open call


Supported by

Game of Life Foundation

Partnership with

University of Kent
University of Greenwich

Composers/ Artist

Michael Jacaszek(PL)
Echo Collective (BE)
Suitman Jungle (UK)
Newtoy (UK)
Mark Eaglen (UK)
Jane Balfus (USA)
Seth Scott (UK)
William Wong & Vanissa Law (HK)
C. Lavender (USA)
Aki Pasoulas (UK)
The Acoustic heritage Collective (ES, DE)
John Young and Simon Perril (UK)
Louise Rossiter (UK)
Nikki Sheth (UK)
Ryan Woods (UK)

Other projects